• Our Core Values

  • To be successful we are dependent on the trust we receive from our customers, employees and other stakeholders. To create trust we implement our core values that define the culture at JCE and its holdings. Our core values shall guide us in our daily work and the way we do business.

    The values apply as much to JCE as to all the employees within our subsidiaries. Our operating subsidiaries may have further detailed values and policies adapted to their specific situation. In addition, our core values are always on our mind when evaluating new investment opportunities. These are our values: 

  • Innovation

    We shall have an innovative approach to drive change and find new business models

  • Professionalism

    We shall ensure high quality in everything we do and take initiative to drive continuous improvements

  • Customer focus

    We shall understand the customers’ business and requirements, which is a driving force for our development

  • People

    We shall together create a positive work environment where people can develop and succeed

  • Performance

    We shall apply business acumen through strong leadership and clear accountability to drive profitable growth

  • Ethics

    We shall act as good corporate citizens and enforce zero tolerance of illegal or unethical behaviour

  • Ownership and Investments

    JCE believes that as a long-term and active owner we have the possibility to create value through responsible ownership and investments.

    As an owner, JCE acts through the Board of Directors and one of the focus areas is that our holdings shall act as good corporate citizens. For example, through responsible investments JCE can take active investment decisions to exclude investments in companies involved in areas such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, etc. and include investments that are sustainable such as our venture in Green Circle Bio Energy that was founded in 2006 and sold in 2015.

    The JCE policy of responsible ownership and investments is based on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. Since our holdings operate as separate entities with own responsibility we expect our holdings to identify, evaluate and address their corporate responsibility relevant to their nature of business and geographic context.

  • Sponsorships

    JCE supports and encourage entrepreneurial team spirit and innovative potential. We engage in opportunities that bring us closer to local communities and help a future generation of young entrepreneurs.

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE supports IVA, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. IVA is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, scientific society and an arena for the exchange of knowledge with 1 300 Swedish and foreign members.

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE supports the building of the Nobel Center, a future building in Stockholm, Sweden in the honour of Alfred Nobel. The Nobel Center will create a meeting place for everyone who wants to think innovatively, be inspired and make the world greater and hopefully better. 

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    Never far from the watery shore and our maritime history, JCE supports Sjöräddningssällskapet, a non-governmental national sea rescue society that is faithfully served by group volunteers.

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE is partner to Ung företagsamhet (UF)/Junior Achievement and has also instituted a scholarship to promote entrepreneurship among young Swedish students. UF provides entrepreneurship programs for students in elementary school and high school where the students run their own company for one year as part of their high school education.

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE is partner to Venture Cup which is Sweden’s largest competition for those looking to develop their business idea and start a business. Since the start in 1998, close to 27 000 entrepreneurs have competed with over 13 000 business ideas. JCE is providing the price for Best International Growth Potential in region West.

  • Sponsorships by Our Holdings

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE’s subsidiary Cybercom is proud partner to Hello World. Hello World is a non-profit association with a purpose to stimulate digital creativity among children and young adults. Hello World offers mentorship program and camp visits where children and young adults are coached by volunteers with a background such as programmers or IT consultants to improve their digital skills. 

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    JCE’s subsidiary Cybercom supports SOS Children's Villages. SOS Children's Villages has been active in Rwanda for 30 years, helping orphans and abandoned children, and give them a home, a family, and an education. Cybercom's partnership with SOS Children's Villages is a long-term cooperation with ongoing activities.

  • JCE supports national sea rescue society

    Semcon, one of JCE's listed strategic holdings, is proud partner to SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children's Villages helps orphans and abandoned children, and give them a home, a family, and an education. The cooperation in the partnership is focused mainly on supporting and expanding parts of the Indian SOS Children’s Villages on-site.