• About Us

  • JCE, which was founded in 1971 by J Christer Ericsson, is a second generation family owned investment company with operations in Scandinavia, Europe, North America and Asia. The business focus is to own and develop a diversified portfolio of companies based in Northern Europe with international growth potential. Our investment areas are divided into the following three areas:
    • JCE Industries (unlisted holdings)
    • JCE Investments (mainly listed holdings)
    • JCE Real Estate & Others
    The JCE team has hands-on experience from a wide variety of industries, investment scenarios and M&A processes. Together, our combined experience allows us to add value to our companies throughout the entire business lifecycle.
  • Our ambition

    Our long-term core holdings with its personnel and customers are important to us. We use our operational experience, know-how and financial strength to actively develop our long-term core holdings into companies with sustainable growth and profitability.

    In principle, JCE can invest in any geographic region or industry sector. However, by applying a balanced opportunistic investment approach, we create diversification and stability but it also increases the ability to create value over time. All this combined, we believe that our approach creates both value and trust for our companies, employees, customers, and business partners.

    Over the years, JCE has founded several businesses in industries such as floatels (offshore accommodation), industrial wood pellets, hotels and IT, among others. Although always with the ambition of being a long-term owner, change is important why we are always open for new business and investment opportunities with the potential to create long-term value.

  • Our Investment Areas

  • JCE Industries

    Head of JCE Industries: Carl Backman

    Focus on our long-term unlisted core holdings which include Bruks Siwertell Group, Consafe Logistics, and Cybercom. The primary strategy is to own and develop our core holdings by being an active and responsible long-term owner. New investments such as complements to our core holdings as well as new business areas are constantly being reviewed.

  • JCE Investments

    Head of JCE Investments: Ulf Gillberg

    Focus on investments in primarily listed securities and similar investments. JCE Investments has the ambition of being the largest, or one of the largest, shareholders in our strategic holdings. In addition, it also holds a diversified portfolio of financial investments such as equities, bonds, funds, alternative investments, etc., which main purpose is to provide a supplementary source of income for the group combined with relatively high liquidity. It also holds timberland investments in Southeast US.

  • JCE Real Estate & Others

    Head of Real Estate & Others: Carl Backman

    Focus on selective and opportunistic real estate investments. It also holds, directly or indirectly, minority investments in a number of South American companies, which are majority owned by the Ericsson family through other entities than JCE Group AB.

  • Our History

  • JCE was founded in 1971 by J Christer Ericsson and the original business stems from the offshore oil and gas service industry.

    For the businesses that JCE has founded, entrepreneurship and international potential has often been a key success factor. Over the years, JCE has founded several innovative and pioneering businesses, within e.g. lashings, offshore accommodation (floatels), hotels and large scale industrial wood pellets. Today, JCE has evolved into a diversified investment company with operations primarily in Scandinavia, Europe and North America.

    Since 2013, JCE is owned by the second generation of the Ericsson family. Below is a brief summary of the historic development of JCE since the foundation in 1971.

  • 1971-1980

    • J Christer Ericsson founded the company Container Safe J C Ericsson (“Consafe”) which initially focused on the development and sales of polyester lashings, containers and accommodation modules for both onshore and offshore applications
    • Consafe Offshore placed an order for the world’s first purpose-built semisubmersible accommodation platform, or “floatel”. After a few years, the company had developed into the world market leader in offshore accommodation

  • 1980-1990

    • Acquired the Swedish Mercedes and Nissan dealership Philipson (divested in 1986)
    • Consafe Offshore went into financial difficulties and its fleet of floatels and other assets had to be divested
    • Good Morning Hotels was established (sold to Accor in 1999, at which time the company had 21 hotels)
    • Invested in construction, hardware distribution, and forestry in Chile

  • 1990-2000

    • Invested in forestland in Sweden
    • Invested in hardware distribution in Brazil
    • Invested in Consafe Infotech (today part of Cybercom, a JCE subsidiary)
    • Safe Offshore was established with three floatels and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It was merged with Procon in 1998 to create Prosafe

  • 2000-2010

    • BiFab (a Scottish offshore yard) was founded
    • Consafe Logistics was founded through the merger of MA-System Control and ABB Logistics Systems
    • Consafe Offshore (the sequel) was founded, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and acquired by Prosafe in 2006
    • Bruks Siwertell Group and FTG were acquired (bulk material handling equipment and forestry-related products)
    • Green Circle Bio Energy was established
    • Consafe Capital Advisors was established with its hedge fund Alcur
    • Major shareholdings in Semcon and Cybercom, two listed consulting companies, were acquired

  • 2010-today

    • Hampus Ericsson took over as Chairman and CEO in 2010
    • As from 2013, JCE is owned by Hampus Ericsson and Fabienne Gustafsson
    • In 2015, divestment of Green Circle
    • Adoption of a new long-term business plan
    • Public take-over of remaining shares in Cybercom in 2015
    • In 2018, JCE portfolio company BRUKS acquired Siwertell, forming the new Bruks Siwertell Group
    • In 2018, divestment of Alcur Fonder
    • As from August 2018, Carl Backman is appointed as the new CEO of JCE Group