• We have made 50+ investments in a wide variety of industries during our near 50 years of history. This makes us one of the most active and experienced privately held investment companies in Sweden. Over the years, we have created several companies that have become market leaders in their respective niches, within e.g. offshore, warehouse management system, bioenergy and bulk material handling.

    For further information about our active investments, please see Current Investments. For past investments, visit Select Investments.

  • Current Investments - JCE Industries

  • Bruks Siwertell Group

    Bruks owned by JCE Industries

    Ownership: 52%
    Industry sector: Industrial machinery
    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
    CEO: Peter Jonsson
    Years invested: 2006-

    Summary: In May 2018, BRUKS and Siwertell, two of the strongest brands in bulk material handling, joined forces. Bruks Siwertell develops, manufactures and markets products and solutions for the global bulk materials handling industry. The portfolio includes solutions for the bulk terminals, ship unloaders, conveying systems, screening and size reduction. The company's annual turnover is around 150 MEUR.


  • Consafe Logistics

    Consafe Logistics owned by JCE Industries

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Software for the logistics industry
    Headquarters: Lund, Sweden
    CEO: Kent Olsson
    Years invested: 2004-

    Summary: Consafe Logistics is the leading European supplier of warehouse management solutions and delivers reliable, flexible and smart solutions to create competitive advantages for customers worldwide. Consafe Logistics annual turnover is in excess of 50 MEUR.


  • Cybercom

    Cybercom Group partly owned by JCE Industries

    Ownership: 41.2%
    Industry sector: IT consulting
    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
    CEO: Niklas Flyborg
    Years invested: 2003-

    Summary: Cybercom is an IT consulting company enabling companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world to enhance their competitiveness. Cybercom offers a broad range of solutions within the fields of digitalisation, Internet of Things, secure connectivity and cloud services. The company's annual turnover is in excess of 150 MEUR.


  • Baltic Safety Products AB

    Baltic Safety Products partly owned by JCE Industries

    Ownership: 90%
    Headquarters: Älgarås, Sweden
    CEO: Johan Lövqvist
    Years Invested: 2019-

    Summary: Baltic Safety Products AB is a Swedish company that has manufactured life jackets since 1977. For over 40 years, Baltic have lived by the philosophy that it is impossible to compromise on quality and function and this philosophy has made them Europe's largest in  the industry, with retailers in more than 50 countries.


  • Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB

    Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB owned by JCE Industries

    Ownership: 100%
    Headquarters: Ulricehamn, Sweden
    CEO: Ulf Wilhelmsson
    Years Invested: 2019- 

    Summary:The technology company Jobro is the fast-moving specialist on complex sheet metal parts for the manufacturing industry: a comprehensive offering under one roof in the form of simulation, concept development and manufacturing. Exceptional expertise and a state-of-the-art machine equipment make Jobro an effective partner from development to production.


  • Systemite AB

    Ownership: 70%
    Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
    CEO: Åsa Pahne
    Years Invested: 2019- 

    Summary: Systemite provides the first high performance open platform for component-based systems development within the area of computer based systems. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Systemite and the SystemWeaver platform contributes to higher product quality and possibilities to rationalize the design process, as well as improved information maintenance and better project management.


  • Current Investments - JCE Investments

  • Semcon

    Semcom ägs partly owned by JCE Investments

    Ownership: ~26%
    Industry sector: Engineering and technology consulting
    Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
    CEO: Markus Granlund
    Years invested: 2006-

    Summary: Semcon is a global consulting company operating predominantly in the engineering services and product information markets. The automotive industry account for the majority of sales. Annual turnover is in excess of 180 MEUR.


  • JCE Asset Management

    JCE Asset Management owned by JCE Investments

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Asset management
    Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
    CIO: Ulf Gillberg
    Years invested: 2015-

    Summary: JCE Asset management is 100% owned and managed by JCE. The company started operations in 2015 after an internal re-organization to consolidate all financial investments in the company.  The company is primarily involved in asset management and holds a diversified portfolio of marketable securities and similar investments, including, stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, etc.  

  • Continental Forest

    Continental Forest owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Timberland investments
    Headquarters: Panama City, FL, USA
    Years invested: 2011-

    Summary: Continental Forest invests in timberland in Southeast US - primarily in Florida. (Swedish timberlands are privately owned by the Ericsson family. www.mossoja.se)

  • Current Investments - JCE Real Estate & Others

  • JCE Chile

    JCE Chile owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Diversified holding company
    Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
    Years invested: 1997-

    Summary: JCE Chile is a holding company managing various South American investments.


  • Andes Bio Pellets

    Andes Bio Pellets owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Pellets
    Headquarters: Los Angeles, Chile
    Years invested: 2005-

    Summary: Andes Bio Pellets produces bio pellets for the Chilean residential market as an ecological alternative to fossil fuels. 


  • Aserraderos JCE

    Aserraderos JCE owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Sawmills
    Headquarters: Los Angeles, Chile
    Years invested: 1989-

    Summary: Aserraderos JCE is a group of three sawmills in Chile and Uruguay manufacturing lumber and mouldings for the Chilean, US, and Mexican markets.


  • Inmobiliaria JCE

    Inmobiliaria JCE owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Real estate development
    Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
    Years invested: 1988-

    Summary: Inmobiliaria JCE is a project management organization active within real estate development and investments in a wide range of real estate projects.


  • Representaciones JCE

    Representaciones JCE owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Hardware products
    Headquarters:  Santiago, Chile
    Years invested: 1989-

    Summary: Representationes JCE is a Chilean importer of hardware products used within forestry, agricultural, gardening, etc. Products are sold through external distributors with bulk of sales being related to Husqvarna. 


  • Aquabrazil

    Aquabrazil owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Fishing products
    Headquarters: Curitiba, Brazil
    Years invested: 2011-

    Summary: Aquabrazil imports various equipment for the recreational fishing market, which is mainly sold through external distributors. The Aquabrazil product range includes a mix of proprietary and external brands.


  • Nordtech

    Nordtech owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Hardware products
    Headquarters: Curitiba, Brazil
    Years invested: 1995-

    Summary: Nordtech is an importer of hardware products used within forestry, agriculture, gardening, etc. Products are sold through external distributors. The product range includes a mix of both proprietary and external brands, including: Tecumseh, Tekna, Oregon, DuraLine, etc. 


  • Toyama

    Toyama owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Ownership: Minority investment (1)
    Industry sector: Hardware products
    Headquarters: Curitiba, Brazil
    Years invested: 2005-

    Summary: Toyama products include proprietary generators, engines, chain saws, lawn movers, and a range of construction machinery. Manufactured and developed by Chinese suppliers, Toyama products are primarily targeted towards non-professional end-users and are sold throughout South America. 


  • (1) JCE Group AB holds, directly or indirectly, minority investments in a number of South American companies, which are majority owned by the Ericsson family through other entities than JCE Group AB.

  • Select Investments

  • Container Safe J C Ericsson

    Container Safe J C Ericsson owned by JCE Real Estate & Others

    Already after one year, more than 60% of the Scandinavian ro-ro tonnage was equipped with the Container Safe lashing system”

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Lashing system, containers and container derivatives, etc.
    Years invested: 1971-1981

    Summary: JCE’s founder, J Christer Ericsson, started his career as a Master Mariner. As a result of working at sea for several years, he came up with the idea of using polyester webbing to lash down trailers on board ships and founded the company Container Safe J C Ericsson. The company set out to develop a complete system for lashing trailers as well as containers at sea and, in parallel, extended the same concept to include lashing of land-based goods carriers such as trucks and rail cars.

    From lashing of cargo, the idea grew to expand into containers, which was a growing market. Thus, in 1973, Container Safe (now “Consafe”) started to sell and lease used containers to building contractors in need of onsite storage, after which the concept was extended to include other areas. The strong demand for the company’s containers resulted in the company becoming the largest Swedish container leasing company already in 1973. The modules were initially produced by various subcontractors in Sweden. However, in 1974, container manufacturing was also established in Bombay, India, through a joint venture.

    As the basic concept was easy to copy, competition in the lashing segment grew quickly. Thus, in 1981, Christer decided to sell the lashing business to focus on other business ventures.

  • Consafe Offshore

    Consafe Offshore owned by JCE Group

    “Pioneer and world leader in offshore accommodation”

    Ownership: Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1982
    Industry sector: Offshore accommodation platforms
    Years invested: 1977-1985

    Summary: Consafe Offshore was established to explore the new market opportunity of accommodation platforms. The company ordered the world’s first purpose-built semisubmersible accommodation platform, or “floatel”, from Götaverken Cityvarvet shipyard in Gothenburg in 1977, which was later followed by 11 additional new-buildings from 1979 to 1985, making it the world market leader in offshore accommodation at that time.

    In 1985, there was a sudden decrease in the oil price. This resulted in low utilization of the company’s platforms as several contracts suddenly were cancelled within a short period of time. Having debt financed large part of the company’s expansion and with a very uncertain market outlook, the company unfortunately went into bankruptcy.

  • Good Morning Hotels

    Good Morning Hotels owned by JCE Group

    “Translated the idea behind offshore accommodation into onshore hotels”

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Hotels
    Years invested: 1988-1999

    Summary: JCE established Good Morning Hotels with the ambition to create a chain of budget hotels which were either owned by JCE or run by third parties under franchising agreements. The hotels were designed by the famous Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and built around the same modular system used for the accommodation, catering and living spaces of offshore and passenger vessels.

    In 1999, Good Morning Hotels was sold to the international hotel chain Accor. At the time of sale, Good Morning Hotels had 21 hotels, of which 17 hotels in Sweden and 4 in Finland. Most of the hotels are today operated by Accor under the name IBIS.

  • Safe Offshore/Prosafe

    Safe Offshore/Prosafe owned by JCE Group

    Comeback into the offshore oil service industry”

    Ownership: 100% / ~30%
    Industry sector: Offshore services
    Years invested: 1997-2004

    Summary: In 1997, JCE acquired three semi-submersible construction and accommodation service rigs (“floatels”) from UBS Private Equity and Phildrew Ventures, after which Safe Offshore was established as the rig owning company and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. In late 1997, Safe Offshore and the Norwegian listed company Procon Drilling merged to form Prosafe.

    In February 1998, JCE sold its subsidiary Consafe Engineering, a UK based supplier of accommodation, standardized or customized modules for the offshore industry, to Prosafe. The rationale for Prosafe was to become a “one-stop-shop” within offshore services for the oil & gas industry, by combining the provision of floatels, drilling services and engineering and fabrication services to the offshore oil & gas industry. In 2004, JCE decided to sell its shareholding in Prosafe to concentrate on other investments.

  • Consafe Offshore (the sequel)

    Consafe Offshore (the sequel) owned by JCE Group

    “The first new build floatel in 25 years”

    Ownership: Listed on the Olso Stock Exchange
    Industry sector: Offshore accommodation and service platforms
    Years invested: 2004-2006

    Summary: In 2004, JCE foresaw an increased demand for semi-submersible accommodation and construction support service platforms (“floatels”) for the future development of offshore oil and gas fields. Thus, JCE acquired two semi-submersible drilling rigs from Transocean for conversion to floatels. JCE also ordered the first purpose built floatel for more than 20 years, from Keppel Shipyard in Singapore. In 2005, JCE created a separate floatel business by establishing the company Consafe Offshore.

    JCE extended the shareholder base in the company through a private placement, followed by a listing on the Oslo OTC list, followed by additional offerings. After the acquisition of an accommodation jack-up rig, Consafe Offshore now controlled four accommodation rigs and had become number two in the world for accommodation and service platforms.

    In 2005, Consafe Offshore was listed on the Oslo Stock exchange in order to finance continued expansion. In mid-2006, Consafe Offshore was acquired by the Norwegian company Prosafe through a public takeover (share offer).

  • Green Circle Bio Energy

    Green Circle Bio Energy owned by JCE Group

    “Establishing a world leader in bio pellets”

    Ownership: 100%
    Industry sector: Renewable energy/bio pellets
    Years invested: 2006-2015

    Summary: In 2006, JCE was convinced of the future need and business potential for renewable energy. After having secured a long-term contract with a major European utility company for the supply of industrial pellets, Green Circle was established in Cottondale, North West Florida, due to its strategic location.

    Green Circle started by designing a pellet plant with an annual projected technical capacity of up to ~500 000 metric tons and production began in May 2008. At the time of opening, it was the world’s largest operating pellet plant, with most competitors producing only 30-150 000 tons per factory. The plant's capacity was later extended to 650 000 metric tons. Green Circle sold its pellets to several European customers, mainly on long-term contracts. Its primary segment was the industrial market, selling to power companies and Combined Heat and Power (CHPs) companies that replace coal with biomass (so called “co-firing”).

    In January 2015, Green Circle was sold to affiliates of Enviva Holdings, a private equity-backed US company and the world's largest producer of wood pellets.

  • Cybercom

    Green Circle Bio Energy owned by JCE Group

    “Industry driver in making the world more connected”

    Ownership: 85.6%
    Industry sector: IT Consulting
    Years invested: 2003-

    Summary: JCE's involvement in the IT consulting firm Cybercom started in 2003, when JCE’s subsidiary Consafe Infotech was acquired by Cybercom, after which JCE became a 10% shareholder in Cybercom. Recognising the long-term potential, JCE continued to invest in the company and in 2006 JCE’s ownership had increased to 42%. In 2012, Hampus Ericsson became Chairman of the Board in Cybercom.

    During the coming years, Cybercom became a market leader within the connectivity area but profitability levels remained unsatisfactory. However, JCE saw the potential in making the decision process and necessary restructuring work more efficient as a private company and as part of JCE. Thus, in 2015, JCE (88%) together with investment company Tequity (12%) launched a public offer for the remaining outstanding shares in Cybercom. The Cybercom share was de-listed from Nasdaq Stockholm end of 2015 and the company is today managed as an unlisted core holding within JCE Industries.